Andrew Skilleter The Art of Doctor Who

Doctor Who art and the name of Andrew Skilleter became synonymous during the 1980s, establishing him as the world’s premier professional Who artist. From 1979 to 1995 his work included the iconic ‘The Five Doctors’ Radio Times cover, over fifty book covers, video covers, books, calendars, prints and other merchandise also selling in large numbers across the USA. His involvement included a long liaison with the BBC producing twenty-four distinctive video covers for the Doctor Who series, the collector’s Tardis and Dalek Tins, and other genre titles, including the Tripods. Special projects included the exterior of the BBC USA Exhibition Trailer launched at Elstree.

He is also an official Star Wars artist with originals in the major Star Wars art collection in the States.

Blacklight : The Doctor Who Art of Andrew Skilleter, a large format, colour hardback written by the artist and published by Virgin, 1995, showcased his unrivalled canon of work.

He created a small publishing company, Who Dares, and for a number of years in the 1980s set new standards for printed Doctor Who merchandise also publishing a number of book titles for the UK and USA, including the classic Cybermen book with David Banks, now voted one of the best ever Who books, The Radio Times Doctor Who Art of Frank Bellamy and a highly illustrated biography of Frank Hampson, the creator of Dan Dare, from the famous 50s Eagle comic, which received generous coverage in The Times, BBC TV and the media.

The artwork for Doctor Who required a sophisticated approach, portraiture abilities and an eye for accuracy. Andrew became known for developing the myth visually beyond the restraints of the TV images, innovating visual metaphors and inventing original futuristic and alien locations and hardware.

A new generation of adults who avidly consumed his work as children or teenagers have become the latest collectors of his originals and continue to appreciate his art. His name and connection with Doctor Who is kept alive with retro features in Doctor Who Magazine, websites and his original artwork has never been more sort after, here and in the USA.

For the 40th anniversary he was commissioned to do 'Rubycon', launched his own website and featured in both the DWM and Radio Times anniversary issues. He continues to take on private commissions for Dr Who paintings and in 2004 he was involved in the BBC Audio Cybertin release, designed the packaging for the CD releases of the Doctor Interview recordings with David Banks and was filmed for the BBC Terrance Dicks documentary. He has now begun to channel his creative talents into the digital revolution but he still intends to keep his traditional skills alive.

He would like to apologise for being unable to develop the website as planned but intends to re-launch it later this year as live site. With the new Doctor now launched, there are moves for Andrew to become more involved in 2005 and it is hoped to launch a sequel to Blacklight in 2006.

Visitors to this site may like to know the first major interview with Andrew for many years will appear on within the next week.

March 2005





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